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Parm Advisory Audit Service

Audit Support Services

CPA firms are always bound by deadlines to complete all tasks, whether they are Accounting, Catchup or Cleanup, Tax Filing, or Audit. Because auditors are responsible for checking and verifying all documents and authenticating them based on financial statements, the process becomes time-consuming and necessitates the involvement of highly qualified resources.

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Parm Advisory Accounting Service

Accounting Services

Keeping accurate and timely financials is critical to the success of any business, whether small, medium, or large. Your company's taxation and accounting requirements change as it grows and evolves. Why not outsource this to an experienced team of accountants committed to your long-term success and save up to 50% on your costs? PARM Advisory Experts has the in-depth knowledge required to successfully execute financial services tailored to your company's needs.

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Parm Advisory IFRS US GAAP GAAP Service


With the rapid growth of multinational corporations operating globally, there has been an increased need to reconcile or recast financials across many countries in accordance with internationally accepted financial reporting standards (like US GAAP / IFRS). Businesses have had to ramp up their efforts to comprehend the complexities of these international financial reporting standards, with an ever-increasing emphasis on the quality and transparency of such financial reporting in order to provide reliable financial statements to its parent entity for consolidation purposes.

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Parm Advisory Reporting Service

Reporting Services

PARM Advisory is a top management accounting firm that offers management accounting outsourcing services. Management accounts include a variety of important data such as margin statistics, turnover, cash flow, and so on. Based on the data provided by bookkeepers, we provide financial control ratios, reports, and performance ratios. PARM is the world's leading outsourcing firm for management accounting services.

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Parm Advisory  Merger & Acquisition Service

Merger & Acquisition

With comprehensive and insightful due diligence, post-M&A integration, and value creation services, PARM Advisory provides end-to-end transaction advisory support and an enhanced delivery of service. Covering domestic and cross-border transactions, our Transaction Advisory Services professionals advise clients (strategic and financial buyers, sellers and lenders) through every stage of the transaction life cycle— from strategy, assessment & due diligence and integration & implementation to performance improvement, organizational transformation and exit/divestiture. With the strength of our data-driven insights and deep professional experience, we work with you to maximize value.

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Parm Advisory Taxation Service

Taxation Services

One of the major concerns for most CPA and accounting firms is dealing with the busy tax season. They struggle with time constraints to meet deadlines and the issue of lower resource utilization during the off season. PARM Advisory's CPA Tax preparation services assist CPA firms, Tax firms, and SMEs in dealing with the busy tax season and offloading their workload. Our expert tax team manages tax preparation work with quick turnaround time as your trusted outsource tax partner. We help you with federal and state tax preparation, processing, and submission to the appropriate revenue authority.

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